Pietra di Luce

by Sabine Mirlesse

“The journey Mirlesse invites us to make is projected, like Dante’s own wildly errant, itinerant book, toward our own interior, toward the intimacy of our desires. Ultimately, desires are made of stars: to desire indeed comes from the Latin de and sidere; which carries the powerful meaning of looking eagerly at the stars, the things that move us and attract us toward them, the beloved things. In accordance with this journey through ambiguities, the particle de may be interpreted in two different ways: a de-sire could be the joyful act of hoping something (from the stars) or the painful act of moving your look away from your loved ones. And our desire, made of the same matter as the stars, lies beyond the folds of our flesh, within the pages of our books, within the hearth of our mountains.” excerpt from ED ENTRAMMO A VEDER LE STELLE, by Federica Soletta

Publisher & Design: Quants Editions, Les Graphiquants

Essays by Jean-Pierre Criqui & Federica Soletta

Release date: November 2019

ISBN: 978-2-9568135-0-7

This limited edition is printed at 220 copies
10 signed and numbered copies, accompanied by a silver gelatin print made by the artist on fiber paper 16,5 x 22 cm
40 signed copies accompanied by a piezo carbon print
on rag cotton paper 18 x 22 cm, of the work stone snow no.1
150 copies signed and numbered.
20 artist proofs.
/limited edition of 220


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